Instant cash Loans Come with Easy and manageable Features Offering Immediate cash

We always have desires that we wish to fulfill. That is why our financial requirements keep increasing and so the demand of cash loan has also increased. Most banks benefit from loan transactions where they charge high interest rates. Their main motive is to provide big amounts for loan, with a long tenure and higher interest rate.

However, not all get the privilege of loan sanction form banks due to their credit score or bankruptcy situations. For such people, instant cash is available online. This service is called fast cash or pay day loan. In this process a lender, asks for documents and salary slip to be sure that the person is capable enough to pay off the loan amount.

Captain Cash, which is a Canadian company, provides loan to Canadian citizens, irrespective of their current situation. All they expect is that the person should be filing for bankruptcy. Captain Cash loans are provided to people with 18 years and above of age and have a salary of more than $1200. They work all round so that even if you submit for the loan late night after finishing your hectic day, you still can communicate with someone online from the company.

Every company has their own cut off time for sanctioning loan. Even though a representative is available to assist you but, the cut off time of Captain Cash is 2pm EST. If your documents get approved by that time, you get instant loan the same day in your account. However, make sure you have an account in a Canadian bank because that’s where they drop the money.

Here are the procedures explained in detail –

  • The firsts step is to contact the lender who will ask you to deposit your current bank account cheque and your employment status including your salary slip.
  • They might not check your credit rating but, if you have good score then it can facilitate you in getting a loan of lower interest rate.
  • The process states clearly that post dated cheques are to be deposited to the lender which will include the instalment amount and the interest rate.
  • Depending upon your status they can either charge you instalments or one time clearance with interest fees.
  • Once the agreement is fulfilled the money is automatically deposited in the account and after the payday, the desired amount specified on the cheques provided by you, is taken out by lender.

Online service is the simplest way of attaining cash loans. They may have higher interest rate but, if you are regular with your payments then, they might consider changing the rate next time you apply for it.

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